voluntar pentru asociatie


for World Internet Freedom NGO


Give a helping hand to the Association and work with a young team that develops people and communities.

Do you think you can help us? Send us an email with the idea or project we can work on and let's get started!

Tell your friends about the Association and let's begin our journey to make things happen and help others!

Let's work together!

Thank you for choosing to help us with current and/or future projects. Volunteering is the activity of public interest carried out on its own initiative by any individual for the benefit of others, without receiving any material consideration.

We have listed some questions and answers that might help you:

• Q: What are the activities I'm going to be involved in?
  A: Activities: advertising, organizing events, making lists, membership records, FB page administration, technical event support, technical support for internal applications and others;
• Q: Will there be actions in which I will not be allowed to take part?
   A: No;
• Q: What will be the total number of hours that I have to spend for the tasks, and what is the full program?
   A: You will be notified before the event;
• Q: Will I work in a volunteer team or will I have to work on my own?
   A: This depends on the event. If needed, you will work in a team. If not, on your own.
• Q: Are there certain features you are looking for at a volunteer member? Do I have to fit into a particular profile?
   A: Not necessarily!

Leave us a message in which the subject is composed of "I want to be a volunteer for ... (what do you want to help us with)"