World Internet Freedom NGO

NGO Statute

Article 5 - The generic purpose for which this Association is established is to provide the opportunity to browse the Internet using a free encrypted connection and to help needy people, low-budget institutions, foster care centers, orphanages, kindergartens and so on in urban and rural areas in order to be able to securely access the global Internet network and to be able to use a computer and connect to the Internet.

We want a united and thoughtful community

Together we can make the change!

Internet for rural areas

Campaigns to Improve and Implement Internet Infrastructure.


Campaigns to help communities, people, social cases and so on

Encrypted WiFi connections

Protecting citizens against data theft, bank account thefts and others

Freedom of the Internet

We are against mass surveillance and censorship of citizens

IT laws protection

Which can be abusive and also against users.

Low Internet fees

Maintain low rates for high-speed Internet access.

User protection

Against unlawful interception of data by third parties or government.

Computer courses

Free for anyone!