redirectionez 2 la suta pentru asociatie

Redirect 2%

for World Internet Freedom NGO


Support the Association efforts by redirecting 2% of your income tax!


The 2% redirection forwarding process is quick and easy!


You make your contribution to making important projects.

2% for World Internet Freedom NGO

Support the Association's approach with the simplest method

The first method to redirect 2% of last year's income tax, just fill in form 230 with your data, and submit it to the Financial Administration of your jurisdiction. If you do not have time to deploy it, you can give it to us and we'll do that for you. Only box 1 should be completed. Download form 230 here. Also known as the 2% form.

The 2% of the income tax will be paid by ANAF to the World Internet Freedom NGO account at the end of the current year (current 2017).

The second method, Online, does not involve you going anywhere and is simple, fast and without queues :).

1. Click on the link for the ANAF section - user registration (if you do not have an account, if you have, click here)

a) complete your data correctly
b) When you reach "Approval Type", select "Check Decision Registration Number" and enter the number of a tax deed.
For identification based on a decision issued in 2013 or later one of the following numbers may be indicated:
A) The number of a tax decision printed on the top of the paper document received from ANAF and preceded by the text 'Registration No'.
B) The number of a decision regarding the payment obligations of accessories indicated in the upper left corner of the paper document received from ANAF and preceded by the text 'No.'
If you have any doubts, follow the YouTube tutorial - ANAF user registration

If you choose not to redirect 2%, that money goes to the state anyway. Basically it does not cost you anything to offer this help. The money you donate can support communities, people, kindergartens, orphanages and helps the digital development of Romania!

* NGO NAME: World Internet Freedom NGO Association
* Fiscal Identification Code: 38310530
* Account in Lei (RON): RO02INGB0000999907329807
* Donations will be automatically converted to Lei (RON).