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World Internet Freedom NGO

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We stand for Internet freedom and data privacy

Let’s build the most powerful free and trusted VPN in the world! Everyone wants to have an open global network where we can connect, communicate, write, read, watch, speak, listen, learn, create and innovate.

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The issue

The biggest issue most users encounter is government surveillance programs and exploits used to gather huge amounts of data about every website you have ever clicked on, your sent and received emails, social accounts, chat messages and so on. The Great Firewall is also a good example we’re against.

As we fight for Internet freedom and data privacy, we’re shocked that governments use their power of censoring their citizens with what they can see, do or don’t.

We should not forget the day that Snowden became a legend. With his bravery, the whole world changed, the rules have changed. He made his place in the history.

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It's time for a change

Now it’s the time to create a totally free global and trusted VPN network that assures Internet freedom, privacy, data integrity and security! Together, we will achieve this. 2017 is the year with great changes!

World Internet Freedom NGO

What makes us different and why we need your help?

Most of the VPN services claim they are free but you always have to pay something. Well, as we are an NGO, we can’t have profit, so, we will build a totally free and trusted VPN with everyone’s help!

We provide you with extreme encryption VPN connections, for free! We are the first, the one and only free VPN service in the world that will secure your connection using the extreme 8192bits RSA encryption - this line is the most important thing about the project! Your online privacy matters!

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Where will the funds go?

We want to raise a minimum of $50.000. Of course, the more, the better. This will give us funds to maintain and buy the required hardware, bandwidth and also a few highly secure servers in a Tier 4 datacenter.

World Internet Freedom NGO

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Why is this project important?

We are different. We keep our word. We care about people. We care about the future and in order to surf privately, our free VPN service hides your real IP and secures your traffic through high encrypted servers. You are protected from your ISP, government, spies and visited websites. We have a no logging policy!

World Internet Freedom NGO

The Truth

The truth is the most important thing. Nobody wants their bank account or private conversations hacked, work related leaks, or personal informations sold to 3rd parties.

You may be the one that saw “this content is not available in your country”. Yes, we know, this is so frustrating. You can avoid geo blocking rules by helping us create the biggest free and trusted VPN in the world!

To make sure we have enough funds to build this project, we want to offer you a guarantee that you will be the first to access the free VPN. So, for the moment, the VPN access is given to those that support our Indiegogo campaign. This way, the VPN service will become even more private and secure.

We are confident that this project will have a lot of backers, because TOGETHER, we'll build the most powerful FREE and TRUSTED VPN in the world!

Support our Indiegogo campaign

Non-profit name: Asociatia World Internet Freedom (World Internet Freedom NGO)
Financial Identification Code: 38310530
Donations will be automatically converted to Lei (RON).
Account in Lei (RON): RO02INGB0000999907329807

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  • How can I contact World Internet Freedom NGO?

    · Drop us a Hello! on our official email:
    · Website:
    · World Internet Freedom Founder is also open for Q&A written interviews for official online or news paper agencies

  • When will my Perks be delivered?

    Your access to the VPN servers will be delivered as soon as we have enough funds to buy, configure and start up some servers. We will enter directly into the Production phase because we already have hundreds of hours of research and testing. Don’t worry, everyone will get what we promised!

  • How will my Perks be delivered?

    Everyone will have to provide contact details through a Google Form link.

  • Are you aware of the “Five Eyes”, “Nine Eyes” or “Fourteen Eyes”?

    Yes, we are and we have a solution to the problem. We will try to avoid servers in USA, UK, CAN, NZL, AUS, DEN, FRA, NED, NOR, GER, BEL, ITA, SWE, ESP. Of course we want to make everybody happy but your personal data is more important! If anyone wants/needs servers in these countries, no problem!

  • What about the logging policy?

    We have a strict no logging policy, therefore, we do not track visited websites or downloaded files.

  • Any legal info I should know?

    By any means you are not allowed and we don’t accept users that use our free VPN service to conduct any illegal activities!

  • Why Indiegogo?

    Because our free VPN Service will be available all over the world, like Indiegogo is. We decided for a platform that is available all over the world to make sure the audience is as wide as possible.

  • Are you an NGO?

    Yes, we are a non-profit organization or a voluntary citizen’s group working towards social causes or various interests. We are based in Bucharest, Romania. With everyone’s help, we can change the world of encrypted communications!

  • Will this free powerful VPN be free for ever?

    Yes, that’s exactly what we want to do. However, in order to achieve this, we need as much support as we can get.

  • Can I use the free VPN connection on my iPhone, iPad, MAC, Android, PC, Laptop?

    Yes, our service will be compatible with the most versions iOS, Android, Windows and Linux operating systems.

  • Why is your free VPN service different?

    Our free VPN is ten times better at encrypting your data traffic anywhere you could be. Our service uses the latest and best encryption configurations so you can safely enjoy your Internet connection! We are also the first one and only VPN service in the world that uses 8192bit RSA encryption!

  • Can I become a member in your NGO?

    Of course! Everyone in this world can become an official member in our NGO. Donate to be a member and you will receive an official document certifying your membership.

  • How can I help?

    Beside being a backer, the more people you tell about this campaign, the better! Thank you for your support!