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World Internet Freedom, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, was set up in August 2017 to provide the opportunity to browse the Internet using a free encrypted connection and to help the needy, low-budget institutions, foster care, orphanages, kindergartens, social cases, and so on in urban and rural areas in order to securely access the global Internet network and to have the ability to own and use a computer and be connected to the Internet.

The association also wants to help improve the infrastructure and security of free Wi-Fi networks, and last but not least, to help protect citizens data traffic wherever they are.

With the help of a strong, competent and united community, the Association will be able to protect and assist in the event of cyberattacks on the country, state institutions, banking institutions and beyond.

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The power of the people is greater than any problem!

Together we can help, we can change the present and the future.


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General Interest Information

Authentication data

World Internet Freedom NGO will never ask for the authentication data of your social media accounts, bank accounts, phone accounts, PINs, token data, various passwords, and more. Please never provide any password or personal information to unknown people by email or telephone. If you have received such requests on our behalf, please let us know immediately!

Official NGO email address

Is wifofficialngo (at) gmail.com. Please do not respond to any request from a non-official email address. If the email has attachments, please do not open them unless you know the broadcaster. Also, please let us know as soon as you encounter such situations.

Always use an Antivirus!

Always use an AntiVirus application and enable the 2-step authentication setting for your important email and social media accounts.

VPN connection

Always use a VPN connection! You can choose our VPN service ! It's free!